On the 23rd and the 24th of july me, another board member called Vincent (their duck alias) and two staff members went to leeds to go to the Family Justice Young People’s Board Conference in the Queens – which is a very fancy hotel.

On the way there we played music and Vincent fell asleep pretty much the whole time. We stopped a lot and had McDonalds for lunch which was delicious and scrumptious. When we got parked in Leeds (which took quite a while) we walked the very short distance to the hotel we were staying. It was a nice place but the TV cost £5 more.

In the conference we sat at a round table near a TV so we could read it without hurting our eyes. There were a couple of speakers who spoke about not getting the help they needed with their children and some of the children spoke about their stories and some of these were very sad. We then went to a workshop where we ‘learned’ how to beat box. It was pretty fun, especially when we were trying to make up a rap.

The key things that stood out to me is that i think that some things – like having contact with your parents or family are pretty much or close to the same in the countries of the UK. Personally, I don’t agree that you don’t get a choice whether you see your parents or not until your 12.

I would like to say well done FJYPB because they handled the conference very well.

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