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Our Hearings, Our Voice (OHOV) is an independent board for children and young people from across Scotland between the ages of 8-18, who have experience of the Children’s Hearings System.


The aim of Our Hearings, Our Voice is to ensure children and young people have a decision making role in the improvement of the Children’s Hearings System.


Our focus is to help create shared understanding and positive change through children and young people’s lived experiences.

About the projects

The Board meets six Saturdays per year in different locations across Scotland. In addition to the Board Meetings, children and young people have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of Projects – all with the aim of improving the Children’s Hearings System. The Projects are wide and varied for example being involved in recruiting panel members, training social workers and solicitors, taking part in consultations, creating resources for children and young people who attend Hearings, to name a few.

Key functions
  • To identify and recommend improvements across the system.
  • To scrutinise and support the work of partners across the Children’s Hearings System.
  • To hold the Children’s Hearings System to account.

Our Hearings, Our Voice reports to the Children’s Hearings Improvement Partnership (CHIP) and this group (made up of all the organisations involved in the Children’s Hearings System) supports the Board in a number of ways, including making sure that meaningful changes are implemented across the System.

Our story

Find out about our journey from the very start to appointing our first Board Members. Way back in 2015 some of our partners had the brilliant idea of a Board. Now it’s a reality! Find out how we got here.

Our approach

We are taking an evolving and phased approach to the development of the children and young people’s Board.  This is to ensure that it is co-designed, continues to be relevant and operates in a way that respects, protects and fulfils children and young people’s rights.

Where did the ducks
come from?

You might have noticed from the website and some of our social media posts, that there’s a bit of a #OHOVducks thing going on.  However you might be wondering where the ducks came from and what the point of them is?  Well let’s ‘quack’ their story wide open for you!

Our Partners

These are the key partners who supported the development of Our Hearings, Our Voice.

Our Hearings, Our Voice

An independent children and young people’s board for the Children’s Hearings System 

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