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The young people at Our Hearings, Our Voice are a talented bunch. This corner of our website is a chance for them to share their poems, stories, art work etc. We hope it will inspire you!

If you would like your creative efforts to appear on this page, please get in touch with Amy Miskimmin-Logan, OHOV Development Worker. We would love to include them!

Poem by OHOV Board Member Zodie has written a heartfelt poem about being lost and found

Lost and Found

I walked into the house, the faces and smells were new

A little labrador came into view

Only I knew I wouldn’t be here for long

I sat on my bed, it was cold, though I felt warm

Maybe this time I’m somewhere I belong

Yet I feel like this won’t last very long

A cold hand comes down on me telling me it’s time to move on

So I’ll pack my bag and move along

This time I’m with family, though I know it won’t be for long

Just a well earned rest, so I’ll do my best, but for how long?

From Perth to Dundee, to Glasgow, and so on

Not one of these houses felt like home

So I’ll keep packing my bags and moving on

Until the day I find where I belong


Another talented OHOV Board Member Achilles (Dame Marsha Ducky) has written a beautiful poem

What I need

I need support, like a scaffold for my home

Even though I seem okay I’m in the background alone

To get any help I am made to feel I need to kick off every so often

There’s 40 different things in my head but all they see is anger

Please step into my shoes, I need you as my anchor

It feels like no part of care is designed to make me feel normal

To even have emotion I need to send in a form

I could write 1000 words about the support I need

But if there’s no humanity, they just think it’s greed

My experiences have shaped me, like yours would have too

But the stigma they have put on me I will not let follow through

People may say that I’m “just like damaged goods”

“In the care system” – it’s like being lost in the woods

I can make a life for myself, I promise that I can

But support from the system and the public go hand in hand.

To finish we invite you to listen to this beautiful piece of music recorded by Sharpay.


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