#OHOVducks ...

So … where did the ducks come from?

If you follow Our Hearings, Our Voice on social media, you’ll know there’s a bit of an #OHOVducks thing going on. Wondering where the ducks came from? Well, let’s ‘quack’ their story wide open for you…

Flying forward to November 2018 …

In November 2018, young people from across Scotland came together at The Lighthouse in Glasgow for OHOV’s inaugural meeting.  Amongst the many team building activities, out came a basket laden with small tissue wrapped parcels, each containing a rubber duck.  Everyone was asked to take a parcel and, once opened, find the person with the matching duck.  At the end of the activity, nobody wanted to give them back, so everyone went home with their tiny duck. Later that night we posted a few photos on social media alongside a few duck puns and the idea was hatched! Before long the young people started receiving rubber ducks from partners and individuals who clearly thought it was a cracking idea….and so the #OHOVduckMascots were born! 

Out and about

In addition to this, we found the ducks are a big hit with adults, partners and decision makers – so we use them to raise awareness of OHOV. They’ve been out touring the country and you are sure to see, and hear a lot more from these wee quackers!

Have you spotted our ducks out and about? They do get around! Take a photo with them and send them to us. We would love to see them. You can Tweet us your pics @OHOV_Scotland, using #OHOVducks

Tweet us your duck pics


Captain duck on his travels

Queen duck in Inverness

Surfing in Stornoway

Fire duck in North Berwick gardens

Highland coo at Linlithgow Palace

Unicorn duck celebrating Purple Friday


All duck puns aside …

OHOV uses social media to promote and share our work and we’ve developed this website as our main platform. In partnership with the young people, we’ve decided that each Board Member will have the choice to operate under a duck alias (profile photo and name) to make sure we’re protecting their identify in line with our safeguarding responsibilities and legislation. Each Board Member has chosen a duck and name for themselves and will use these aliases, if they choose, for any blogs, social media posts etc. That way they can share their views or stories anonymously. You can learn more about our current board members here. We think it’s a cracking idea and hope you do too!



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