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Our Hearings, Our Voice and Keeping The Promise

At Our Hearings, Our Voice, we are big supporters of Keeping The Promise.

In fact we have been working closely with the Hearings System Working Group which is looking at the redesign of the Children’s Hearings System. There has been lots of amazing work on the go. This section of our website gives you all the work we have been doing to Keep The Promise.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments. We would love to hear from you.


Our Promise Journey

Discover what we have been doing to Keep The Promise

Promise podcasts

Hear what our Board Members have to say 

Our Voices

Board Members’ sound bites on why it is so important

Talking system reform

Board Member Ben interviews Sheriff David Mackie

Interested in Keeping The Promise? Why not join us and become a board member? Find out more, plus how to apply on the recruitment section of our website.

Language, The Promise and the Hearings System

Are there words or phrases that you wish you could ‘bin’ from the Children’s Hearings System?

We are working on an exciting project to improve language in the Children’s Hearings System. We’ve created a group called ‘Language Leaders’ – we really want to lead the way in making language in the Hearings System more accessible, personal and caring.

To help us identify words that can upset or confuse children and young people, we have created an interactive word bin. All you need to do is drag the words or phrases you don’t like into the virtual bin!

All your suggestions will be passed to our Language Leaders group to support them in making changes.

Get involved

Click on the button below or click on the duck image.

There is a short video first which gives you more information.

Thanks for taking part!

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