Our Keeping The Promise journey starts…

We started our Keeping The Promise journey back in November 2021.  Since then, it has been all go!  Check out our timeline to see what we have been up to …

November 2021

Sherriff David Mackie meets Our Hearings, Our Voice (OHOV) board members for the first time, gets to know them, and learns about the 40 Calls to Action. He thanked the young people and added “I look forward to a lot more contact as we progress with our work”

February 2022

Sheriff David Mackie shows support for OHOV’s continuing approach and influence – “The Independent Care Review has shown us the expertise among those in our community with care experience and we have learnt to listen carefully to their voice”.

March 2022

Sheriff David Mackie and Christina Spicer from The Promise Scotland, work with the young people linking the Hearings System Working Group Issues List with the asks already made by OHOV. David and Christina demonstrated their continued commitment to building a meaningful relationship with the young people at OHOV.

June 2022

OHOV Board members used their creativity to prototype solutions to issues within the Children’s Hearings System, alongside David Mackie, The Promise Scotland and the Office for the Chief Designer. It was at this meeting that Board Members Ben and Sharpay came up with the idea of VOICE magazine and Dame Marsha and Vincent began designing Pre-Hearing changes for children and young people.

Autumn 2022

Gordon Main, Project Lead at OHOV, takes part in 5 meetings as part of the collaborative design team looking at the ‘during’ Hearings phase, working alongside all key parts of the hearings system and ensuring the young people’s voice was included throughout. 

November 2022

The young people meet for the fourth time with Sheriff David Mackie and Christina Spicer from the Promise Scotland Team.  It was at this meeting where board member Remi came up with the idea for Miss Understanding – a superhero to support children throughout their time in the Children’s Hearings System.

January 2023

OHOV Board Members star in a new podcast produced by the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration. The young people talk about why Keeping The Promise is important to them, and they also talk about their 40 Calls to Action. 

February 2023

Sheriff David Mackie and The Promise Scotland team left with rich ideas, after testing out draft reform proposals with the young people. David Mackie, said he was “leaving with ideas that he could only get from speaking with young people with lived experience of Hearings”.

March 2023

OHOV Board member, Ben interviews Sheriff David Mackie and asks: “As the chair of this group you have worked hard to build a relationship with us at Our Hearings, Our Voice. Why have you done that, and what have you got out of it?”

April 2023

Board members from OHOV write the foreword for the HSWG’s recommendations report. Here’s a quote from the board members: “Although this can be easily seen as just words in a report, there are real people and real lives behind these pages. To those responsible for making these changes happen, we ask that you don’t miss this opportunity to change lives”. 

April 2023

Several OHOV board members record a podcast with David Mackie and The Promise Scotland team, sharing their hopes for change and reflections on their voice being heard in reform proposals.

April 2023

A young person from OHOV provides the voiceover for Isla’s story, an animation showing how reforms will meet the needs of Isla and her family in her care and Hearings. 

May 2023

Our board members meet with Sheriff David Mackie, the Minister for Children and Young People and Keeping The Promise, Natalie Don, The Promise Scotland, SCRA and CHS to launch ‘Keeping the Promise in the Children’s Hearings System: Hearings System Working Group’s Redesign Report’.

May 2023

OHOV Board Member Liam is interviewed by BBC Scotland journalist Catriona Renton in preparation for publication of the Hearings System Working Group report.

May 2023

OHOV attends the launch in Edinburgh of Hearings for Children – the new report published by the Hearings System Working Group which aims to transform the Children’s Hearings System

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