Our Hearings, Our Voice recently met with Catherine Nixon, a researcher at the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA), to reflect on how COVID-19 has impacted young people.

The Board Members provided some really interesting thoughts about the potential research topics based upon their own experiences over the last 18 months. Their comments around Virtual Hearings were particularly insightful, and have led to SCRA prioritising research on young people’s experiences of Virtual Hearings.

Preparation for the Virtual Hearings study is now underway. The views shared by Board Members have been used to shape the research questions for the study, and are also being used to develop the research materials that will be used to collect young people’s views on Virtual Hearings. Once this work has been completed, Board Members will meet with Catherine Nixon and Kirsty Deacon from SCRA to review the research materials and make recommendations as to how these can be improved.

This process of co-producing the research helps us to ensure that we #KeepThePromise by listening to and involving young people’s voices within the study.

Going forward, we hope that Board Members will play an active role in recruiting young people to the study and also, if they are willing, helping us to collect and interpret the research data.

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