We are excited to launch our new Articulate Animation today!

The cartoon animation has been co-written, designed and voiced by some of our Board Members.

The short film – made by Braw Talent – brings to life the importance of language in the Children’s Hearings System.

A joint initiative with Children’s Hearings Scotland and the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, the animation stems from the work of the Language Leaders.

The young people are delighted with the final product and they got to watch it on the big screen at the film premiere at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.

Speaking afterwards, Board Member Vincent said: “Brilliant – you could really tell it was us that fed into it. People weren’t speaking for us, they were letting us do the talking. They really engaged well with us. I loved the way they included the blobs.”

Board Member Zodie said: “That was amazing. I really enjoyed the style and you can really tell that it came from lived experience and it was really nice to hear our little bits from the first meet up we had. It is really good!”

Gordon Main, OHOV Project Lead said: “It has been an absolute joy bringing the Language Leaders principles to life in this animation. The whole journey from simply focusing on words to understanding what needs to underline real change for children, has been amazing learning for us all. The spirit of working together across organisations in the Hearings System and being led by children’s voice has got us to this exciting moment.”

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