Last year when we published The Zine, one corporate parent described it as “breath taking.”

Neil Hunter, Principal Reporter from the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA) also said: “The Calls to Action from Our Hearings, Our Voice made me really stop and think. All of the 40 Calls are challenging and thought provoking, but at the same time entirely achievable and you can really see how the quality of experience of children and young people in the Hearings System could be improved and enhanced if we are able to make progress on the Calls to Action.”

Now one year on, SCRA has prepared a progress report on the work they have been doing to implement the Calls to Action. The report includes updates on SCRA’s Hearing room improvement programme, on their new information materials and Virtual Hearings.

In the report, SCRA comments: “We were able to see the links over from the 40 Calls into the work of The Promise – The Promise giving organisations high level principles and direction, the 40 Calls giving some practical actions that could support these.

“We recognised that some of the actions could be made by one organisation, while some would need organisations to work together. We also recognised that some things could be changed now, whilst others would take some work and more time to get there – because they are about change – and that is good, and to make it meaningful and sustainable, it is worth doing well.”

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