On the final day of our week-long Calls to Action anniversary celebrations, we are delighted to share some supportive messages from organisations in the Children’s Hearings System.

Advocacy providers 

OHOV played a key role in the development of materials for children and young people to promote the new advocacy service. The first anniversary of the launch of the national advocacy service for the Hearings System almost coincides with our own anniversary of the 40 Calls to Action. 

As we jointly celebrate this first milestone, our friends at the National Providers Network (NPN) of Advocacy Providers in the Children’s Hearings System got in touch to say:

“We wanted to get in touch to let you know about the work we have been doing to include OHOV’s 40 Calls to Action into our feedback tools to capture the difference advocacy can make in a child’s life when they are involved in the Children’s Hearings System. When we were thinking about the questions we wanted to ask, we looked at the 40 Calls you had collected together, and this has helped us to shape what will be used with children and young people in the future.”

OHOV Board Members did several sessions on advocacy and helped design a poster and leaflet and also reviewed the Hearings Advocacy website and provided quotes for the website about how advocacy can help children and young people.

Social Work Scotland

“Social Work Scotland is delighted to acknowledge and celebrate the first anniversary of the publication of the 40 Calls to Action by Our Hearings, Our Voice which represent values at the core of our unique Children’s Hearings System and of high quality social work practice.  As an organisation representing social workers and social work leaders striving to keep the voice of children and young people at the heart of all our work, the Calls to Action reinforce good social work practice in the Hearings System and the central value of working together to realise that vision and the commitments of The Promise.”

VIP Project

“We in the Voice and Inclusion Project (VIP) are working to develop solutions to improve the voice of young people in their Hearings. The 40 Calls to Action from OHOV are still relevant, and our work builds on many of the ideas and themes within them. The similarity of the challenges shows the importance of listening to lived experience when improving the Hearings System.”

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