Our 18th and latest board meeting was jam packed with lots of activities and another visit from Sheriff David Mackie.

The sun was shining for our event in Glasgow on Saturday 26 March. It was a special day as we welcomed two new board members and our new Participation Development Worker Amy to OHOV.

After a welcome breakfast of fruit, pastries and cereal bars, we got stuck into the serious business of the day.

As we welcomed some new faces, the first part of the day was focused on getting to know each other and some fun team building exercises. 

Then after lunch, we were delighted to receive another visit from Sheriff David Mackie who is leading the Hearings System Working Group. We were also joined by Christina Spicer from The Promise Scotland Team. David and Christina ran a session with the young people looking at the recently published Issues List and how these link strongly with the asks already made by OHOV. 

Some of the issues with the Hearings System can be improved now but some may require changes to the law to ensure children and their family’s needs are fully met. Together we were able to consider the young people’s priorities for the Hearings System Working Group and to plan ahead for how OHOV will actively contribute to the co-design process. David and Christina demonstrated their continued commitment to building a meaningful relationship with the young people at OHOV.

As always, our future meetings are shaped by what we have done before and which elements the young people felt were worthwhile or fun. Some of our board members loved the venue this time but that might also have been because there were a bunch of famous footballers milling around the hotel!

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