Our Hearings, Our Voice have just responded as a group and through individual conversations with our hearings–experienced board members to this Bill. Eight young people chose to take part.

Scottish Government have just finished gathering views on how we can safeguard, protect and support children, especially those in conflict with the law. The Scottish Government have said that they want to make sure all children get the right support, from the right people, in the right place, at the right time. 

All questions in the consultation can be found here and include issues such as raising the age of referral to the Reporter, ensuring children deprived of their liberty are cared for in age appropriate, trauma informed facilities, enhancing the rights to appropriate protection, support and information for people who have been harmed and a focus on cross border placements.

Not surprisingly, there was difference in the way each of the young people responded, hence their collated answers were mixed. For a handful of questions some of the young people felt they did not understand or could not answer. Here are a few of the areas where there was strong support for or opposition to proposals.

Strong support for:

  • Providing further information and support to someone who has been harmed by a child, to help them feel safe, less anxious and recover
  • Making secure care available to all children but only if other care options have been considered or tried
  • Provision of secure transport for children in secure care to keep them safe, respect their privacy and recognise their different needs

Not much support for:

  • The use of Movement Restriction Conditions
  • Preventing the use of Young Offender’s Institutions for all children. 5 out of 8 young people felt these could still be used for some children over 16 involved in serious or harmful offending.

If you would like more information on the OHOV response or wish to receive a copy of the young people’s collated report, please contact Gordon.Main@scra.gov.uk

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