The Children’s Hearings Centre in Glasgow has had two creative new additions! 

Board members Ciara and Achilles from Our Hearings, Our Voice (OHOV) created two window displays based around work they’ve been involved in, with a focus on the 40 Calls to Action; 40 achievable rights-based improvements that OHOV board members would like to see implemented into the Children’s Hearings System. 

The window display in the city’s Bell Street, celebrates the links between the 40 Calls and many of the recommendations made in the Hearings Redesign Report by The Promise, around themes such as respect, participation, inclusion, personalisation, and voice. 

The display also showcases some of OHOV’s work around the language used in the Children’s Hearings System, including a QR code to our interactive virtual language bin, an app where children and young people are invited to virtually ‘bin’ words and phrases they would like to see removed from the Children’s Hearings System, and view which words have been binned the most over time.

 If you are familiar with the work of OHOV you’ll know that when board members join OHOV they each choose their own unique rubber duck; the image and name of which provides an anonymous alias for board members who don’t wish to be identified online. From superhero ducks to firefighting ducks, unsurprisingly, the new window displays feature an abundance of colourful rubber ducks, which are sure to catch the eye of passers-by.

 The two new window displays provide an attractive, informative, and colourful welcome to visitors to the Bell Street Hearings Centre, including children and their families attending Hearings. Stop by for a look next time you’re in Glasgow and learn more about the work of Our Hearings, Our Voice.

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